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æde, a reference point for foodies and gourmets
Fabrizio Cervellieri

Fabrizio Cervellieri, the chef of æde, is originally from Friuli Venezia Giulia but spent his childhood between three beloved places: Friuli, Abruzzo, and Rome.

After completing his classical hotel training in Italy, he left for London at a very young age, where he began his career in very important kitchens, including Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, and Jamie Oliver. He then moved to Berlin, where he spent 9 years, and Copenhagen, where he had a brief but striking experience at Relæ.

Upon returning to Italy, he decided to open his restaurant in Rome, a restaurant that reflected his experiences, his love for Nordic countries, mountains, cold weather, and unspoiled nature. Thus was born "æde dining & wines," where Fabrizio finally creates his cuisine, inspired by Northern Europe but with a firm footing in Italy and an important connection to the Friulian traditions taught to him by his grandmother Evelina.

Fermentations, conservations, and aging are the engine of Fabrizio's cuisine, with a particular focus on the vegetable world and its possible variations.

Tommaso Falconi

In addition to tastings, there is a careful selection of wines specially chosen and interpreted by the maître de salle Tommaso Falconi to make the experience even more interesting and unique. 


In a short time, æde is becoming one of the reference points for foodies and gourmets.

Two years after opening, the restaurant received its first important recognition, inclusion in the Michelin guide.



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